Hand holding embroidered protest banner against blue sky

(Image courtesy of Farah Salem)

Alison Dowd is an artist from Kansas City, MO who currently lives and practices in Chicago. She received her BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute in 2011 where she studied printmaking and developed an interest in creative practice as a tool for social exchange.

Since 2011, Alison has integrated her creative practice into a social practice as a community worker, advocate, educator, counselor and restorative justice practitioner within arts-based community programs, mental health agencies, shelters, and public schools throughout Kansas City, Brooklyn, Portland, and Chicago. She is currently an art therapist whose clinical work is rooted in arts activism, critical pedagogy, and community practice.

Alison works with material as part of a reflexive practice that incorporates image making, printmedia, fiber craft, comics, fruit and organic matter. Her work explores themes of relationship, conflict, and identity that oscillate between interpersonal and political domains.